20 de maio de 2016

10 Months of Love

Hey California,

Has passed 10 months since I got here, and looking forward I can't stop thinking about the moment when I need to leave you, when I get in the airplane, looking at you from up in the sky, crying like a child that is being taken away from home. You became HOME for me, leave you is my bad dream now. I know it sounds selfish, how can I say that when I have family, friends and a life on the other side of the world just waiting for me to go back. But you California, are the best part of my life, in you I found myself, so the question is not how can I love you so much instead of "home", the question is, how can I let it all go? You got my heart!

Happy 10 months for us

2 comentários:

  1. Olá Paloma

    Adorei o blog li tudo rapidinho. Aguardo mais postagens.



  2. Oiiii Paloma,
    Soube que você foi pela IE aqui, você já voltou como foi a experiência ?